Thursday, 31 July 2014

Duffle Coat

I was hoping to wear this outfit with a cardi so you could actually see the cute shirt/shorts combo but it's just way too cold! My earrings which you can't really see are tacky wooden penguins wearing tuxedos, haha.

Duffle coat thrifted
Checkered shirt ASOS
High waist shorts ASOS
Navy docs thrifted

Most recent ASOS purchases

My weight and size are always fluctuating - I'm roughly a AU 18 - 20 in the top and AU 20 - 22 in the bottom. I took a bit of a gamble with my most recent ASOS order and chose some pieces from the straight sized line.

ASOS High Waist Shimmer Disco Leggings - I do love these but they are so slippery that they fall down.

ASOS Shorts With Extreme High Waist - They fit perfectly ahhh! The sizing is pretty generous and they have a bit of stretch which I did not expect. I'm just so excited about these!

 ASOS Sleeveless Check Shirt - A bit of button gape at the boobs but I still love it!
ASOS CURVE Pique Polo Dress - Ordered the curve one because it was on special but it also comes in straight sizes. It is sooo cute. I think in any ASOS swing-style dress with stretch it's safe to size down.
ASOS Swing Dress With Double Strap - Really cute and comfy. I think once the weather warms up this will become a fave.

ASOS Waxed Clean Parka - Finally I have my perfect black parka. I'm going to wear it with everything!