Wednesday, 27 August 2014

No Heroes

Today I scored these 90's Windsor Smith shoes ahhh! I know they are totally ugly, but in the best way possible - right? They are very similar to another pair of Windsor Smiths I thrifted a while ago and sadly have almost worn out. They are in one of my earlier outfit posts and are cherry red lace-ups. They are kinda like docs but with a chunkier sole which I love. My hot tip is that if your feet are a UK7 or bigger always check the men's shoes when you're thrifting - most if not all of the shoes will be gross but you will get lucky one day, I promise! I also found an ASOS Curve peplum top which is real cute but the smallest size 26 I've ever seen, no wonder it was in the thrift store!

Swing dress ASOS
Buckle shoes 90's Windsor Smith - thrifted

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