Friday, 26 September 2014

Aussie Curves: Fears Exposed

For the Aussie Curves theme "Fears Exposed" I finally wore my red ASOS swing dress! There's something that makes me feel uncomfortable wearing red, or bright colours in general. Part of me doesn't like being noticed and I guess it's hard to fade into the background in bright red.

Swing dress ASOS Curve
Bomber jacket Vintage - thrifted
Slides Lipstik


  1. I think this dress and colour look great on you! I love red and black combos... Footy aside. And with your dark hair red would be a great choice for you.
    I know you didnt ask but in case it helps try using smaller amounts of red first to help u ease into the large amount of brightness, or even try wearing this dress out with a black skirt over the top so it looks like yiur just wearing a red top!
    Either way you've done great stepping out if your comfort zone and you looked fab while u did it!!

    1. Thanks Charlene!! I'm definitely going to try and ease more bright colours into my wardrobe for Summer ;-)

  2. Yes, this is an awesome dress and I'm glad you overcame your fear of bright colours, cos seriously you KILLING it with this dress. x